An Even Larger Selection for Operators of Photovoltaic Systems

HELUKABEL places new variations on their HELUPOWER solar cables on the market

The specialist for electrical connection technology, HELUKABEL, expands their portfolio of photovoltaics products by introducing two new variations of their HELUPOWER solar cables onto the market. These conductors are specially designed to connect solar modules to one another as well as with power inverters.

A worker is fixing solar panels on the roof

New to the program is the HELUPOWER SOLARFLEX-X H1Z2Z2-K UL. With this, HELUKABEL is the first manufacturer to offer a solar cable constructed according to UL 4703, which is an important criterion for systems manufacturers focused on exporting products to foreign markets, such as the USA. This cable is also suitable for worldwide export thanks to its DIN EN 50618 and IEC 62930 approvals. This helps optimise warehouse capacity and simplify procurement processes since only one cable needs to be kept in stock, instead of many different variations.

Additionally, the HELUPOWER SOLARFLEX-X PREMIUM is being added to the product portfolio. This design is certified according to the TÜV 2 PfG 2750 and is suitable for use in floating photovoltaic systems, or floating solar farms. This cable has an especially long lifespan and is suitable for international use thanks to its DIN EN 50618 and IEC 62930 approvals. With this, HELUKABEL is incorporating another solution into their product range - one that is specifically designed for the booming floating photovoltaics market.

The SOLARFLEX-X H1Z2Z2-K standard design has already proven itself to be a reliable wiring solution for photovoltaic systems in numerous applications. The cable is halogen free, flame retardant, and is also resistant to UV radiation, ozone, climate effects, and water, making it perfectly suitable for open-air use. This solar cable's approval according to the European Norm EN 50618 guarantees its reliability in the field.

The NTS variation of the SOLARFLEX cables, which comes with special rodent protection, is also available. This protection is in the form of a rust-resistant, stainless-steel mesh which covers 80‑85% of the cable surface. This prevents mice, rats, weasels, or other rodents from causing disruptions or outages in photovoltaic systems without having to use any chemicals. Thanks to these new cable variations, operators can now find even more ideal solutions for their photovoltaic systems and benefit from HELUKABEL's decades of experience in the connection technology industry.