The Perfect Fit

Mobile cranes made by the Danish company HMF are used in a wide range of applications, such as for towing away vehicles, transporting goods, or at construction sites. The rotational movements of the crane and the low operating temperatures that they are frequently required to withstand also place great demands on the cables used. In its search for the best cables to install in their cranes, HMF contacted HELUKABEL for assistance. The special cable department subsequently developed the BIOFLEX® 500-HF-TWIST cable in close cooperation with the mobile crane manufactrurer. This product is based on a standard construction which is able to operate flawlessly at low temperatures and also resists hydraulic oil leaks. The engineers also designed the cable to easily withstand rotating movements and to allow the integration of BUS components.

Mobile crane transports cable drum
The BIOFLEX ® 500-HF-TWIST cable can easily withstand a crane‘s rotational and bending motions. (© Michael Dam, HMF Group A/S)
Control of the mobile crane
Wiring on a mobile crane