Solar Cables: What should be considered?

Our new White Paper "Reliable Wiring of Photovoltaic Systems" is now available for download.

White Paper Solar Cables

Photovoltaic systems are exposed to high and low temperatures, various weather conditions, moisture, chemicals, and, of course, sunlight depending on their installation location. Despite these sometimes adverse environmental conditions, they must be reliable in the long term: manufacturers and operators calculate the lifespan of the systems to be 20 to 30 years. Consequently, all installed components, including wiring, must meet strict requirements.

To connect individual modules of photovoltaic systems with each other, as well as with the inverter and other components, special solar cables are used. Discover the characteristics and requirements these cables need to fulfil in our new White Paper, "Reliable Wiring for Photovoltaic Systems."

A free copy is now available for download here.