Where the Music Is Heard

Hammering, banging and sawing might not sound so melodious, but then the Elbe Philharmonic Hall is still under construction. However, the preliminary internal infrastructure of the hall has now been completed. Among the firms engaged in creating the interior of the hall are electrical contractors Schubert GmbH. The items to be installed in the concert hall include HELUKABEL’s JZ-600 HMH-C flexible cables for controlling the lighting, sound and stage direction. Additionally, HELUSOUND® 600 loudspeaker cables are being used to distribute the audio signals to the many speaker units throughout the hall reliably and free of interference. All cables are halogen free, because “this is the only type of cable allowed in public buildings,“ explains Uwe Reitz, a regional branch manager of HELUKABEL. “PVC cables are like matches, and can transmit fire through the cable ducts from one room to the next. In contrast, halogen-free cables are flame resistant and mean one less worry for the fire brigade.“ Cable flexibility is also an important factor. Control cables and loudspeaker cables must be resistant to kinking over long periods of use in narrow ducts with many corners. After all, the new Philharmonic Hall is intended to guarantee concert attendees perfect audial entertainment for many years to come.

Elbe Philharmonic Hall in Hamburg
Perfect audial entertainment at the Elbe Philharmonic Hall in Hamburg with the help of cables from HELUKABEL. (© Pixabay / Andi Graf)