Unmatched Performance: Approved for Prolonged Usage in Potable Water

HELUKABEL presents new version of the HELUPOWER AQUATIC-750-BLUE with extended approvals

Filling system and water in a water glass

HELUKABEL is introducing a comprehensive upgrade to its HELUPOWER AQUATIC-750-BLUE: The latest version of this water-resistant cable, initially introduced in 2021, comes with additional approvals for drinking water. This makes it suitable for various applications, including the food and beverage industry.

Designed for a voltage range of 450/750 V, the cable continues to demonstrate outstanding properties underwater. Its durable sheath, made from cross-linked special compound, is engineered for prolonged use in drinking, salt, and chlorinated water at depths of up to 600 meters. The HELUPOWER AQUATIC-750-BLUE is suitable for applications such as submersible pump cables or powering sensors and drive motors in production, recycling, cleaning, and sewage treatment plants, as well as in fish ponds, aqua farms, amusement parks, or wafer production.

A noteworthy addition is the approval according to KTW BWGL (evaluation basis for plastics and other organic materials in contact with drinking water). This approval confirms the hygienic safety of the cable and complements the existing W270 approval from the German Association for Gas and Water (DVGW). The new HELUPOWER AQUATIC-750-BLUE also holds the required drinking water approvals for Italy and Poland with the DM 174 and the PZH.

The cable is available in cross-sections ranging from 1 to 2.5 mm². When installed permanently, it is suitable for ambient temperatures ranging from -40 to +80 degrees Celsius. For free installation, ambient temperatures should be maintained between -25 and +50 degrees Celsius. The permissible operating temperature on the conductor is 90 degrees Celsius. With the HELUPOWER AQUATIC-750-BLUE, users receive a secure and durable underwater cable with a multitude of approvals. Furthermore, its compatibility with various water types reduces the need for different cables, simplifying storage.