The Right Cable Solutions for Single Pair Ethernet

In the SPE Pioneer Summit webinar series, HELUKABEL offers in-depth insights into Single Pair Ethernet technology.

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In the "SPE Pioneer Summit" webinar series, HELUKABEL explains the most important aspects of cabling for Single Pair Ethernet.

Single Pair Ethernet is seen as the technology of the future in industrial communication - thanks to data transmission at gigabit speeds and a simultaneous power supply using only one pair of wires. It is a smart, flexible, space- and cost-saving solution that enables real-time communication down to the field level.

As a Premium Member of the SPE Industrial Partner Network and a member of the "Technology" working group, HELUKABEL is significantly involved in the development of this technology. The association sees itself as an information and exchange platform - and to this end offers, among other things, the "SPE Pioneer Summit", a series of informative webinars that examine various aspects of the Single Pair Ethernet topic in depth.

As part of this series, HELUKABEL invites you to a digital coffee break on 25 May 2022 at 11:00 am (CEST). In his presentation, Horst Messerer, Product Manager Data, Network and Bus Technology, will explain what is important when it comes to cabling for Single Pair Ethernet. The webinar offers insights into the future cabling classes, cross-sections and sheath materials of industrial cabling - both for data cables only and for hybrid cables. Furthermore, you will learn which connectors are available for various cabling solutions.

Would you like to attend? Register here for the webinar "Single Pair Ethernet (SPE) Cabling" at the SPE Pioneer Summit - ideally right away!