Powerful Sound for the Whole Building

Revox loudspeaker next to a TV

The perfect sound thanks to the Voxnet audio system from Revox and cables from HELUKABEL. (© Revox)

A melodious name for music lovers: Revox, a high-end supplier, equips entire households with Voxnet, a centralised audio system that fills each room individually with sound. To achieve crystal clear sound, a good amplifier and appropriate loud speakers are just as important as a high-quality output signal. For this reason, Revox sets very high standards for the cables that it uses. The audio signals must be transmitted without any loss of sound to ensure optimum musical enjoyment. The installation conditions are also important as Voxnet is often used when retrofitting existing buildings. The cables must be laid correctly to ensure that everything runs smoothly. HELUKABEL’s HELUKAT 600 S/FTP FRNC eight-wire, copper cable fulfils all the requirements placed on audio quality and installation. “Just as with professional studio equipment, we transmit sound symmetrically through five wires. The other three wires are used for communicating in the system,” explains Markus Halbig, Sales Manager at Revox Germany. In this way, music caresses even the most demanding of ears.